I am an Executive Coach focusing on career navigation/reinvention and leadership development.  I am also a speaker, writer and teacher on these topics.  I look forward to working with you, or if you are doing research on behalf of your company, I look forward to working with your organization’s leaders and staff.

I typically work with people who are:

  • At a cross-roads in their careers and need support in identifying how to best move forward;

  • Looking to boost their career management skills, build momentum in their careers and get to the next level; or

  • Are currently key leaders in their organizations and looking to perform to their greatest abilities.  

My clients have included everyone from analysts to CEOs, CTOs and CFOs.  

I’m confident that I can help to achieve your ambitions because:

  • I’ve been in your shoes - or those of your staff - as an individual contributor and a leader in companies large and small.  I understand your interests and challenges and your environment because I’ve been there.

  • I’ve had a pretty good career of my own.  Prior to starting my Executive Coaching practice, I was a Senior Director at Google where I managed several hundred staff and contractors.  In that role, I received Google’s “Great Manager Award”, an award given to less than 1% of all managers. Prior to Google, I held leadership roles at a range of different companies including Visa and various start-ups. I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a BA in Economics and an MBA.

  • I’ve coached many people in many stages of their careers in my role as a manager, as a volunteer in Google’s internal coaching program, and as an Executive Coach with my own practice.

  • I’ve received extensive training on topics ranging from career development, performance management, influencing, and navigating change.

I also enjoy teaching and speaking on career management and leadership development.  Indeed, I recently taught a course on career navigation and reinvention for Stanford University’s Continuing Studies program titled “Google Leaders on Managing Your Career”.

I am open, friendly, and easy to talk to and I really do want to help.  I coach via phone, via video conference and in person.  My clients are located all over the globe - from California to New York to Germany to Australia to Pakistan.

Please contact me to discuss if there might be a match between your interests and ambitions and what I can offer!