My work with clients focuses on the importance of being thoughtful and intentional about every aspect of one's work and avoiding merely passively floating through life.  I encourage clients to focus not only on performing well in their current role but also to always be thoughtful about: (a) their own goals for learning and achievement in that role; (b) their view toward their next role; and (c) how they can look beyond themselves to lift up their team and their organization.  Having goals and serving a broader purpose make for a more meaningful, satisfying career and help to develop a powerful network that can be drawn upon for years to come.

When I enter into an engagement a client, most often I use a coaching model called "GROW”.  GROW is an acronym that stands for:

  • Goal - At the outset of my engagements, I work with my clients to identify specific, measurable, attainable goals.  They may be goals related to development or performance or may be specific problems they hope to solve.

  • Reality - Engagements then move on to discussing and jointly understanding the client’s current state, i.e., where they stand relative to their goals.  Where are their strengths and opportunities and where are their barriers to overcome?

  • Options - In this stage, we jointly outline the various options available to clients to achieve their goals and assess each and how well each fits with the client’s values and circumstances.

  • Will - Finally, in this stage of an engagement, the client develops a specific action plan to achieve his/her goals and shares his/her commitment to succeed.  

Key to the GROW model is the understanding that you know your situation, your values and your commitment best and should lead the way in identifying the solutions that will work best in your life.  As your coach, I provide an organized framework for tackling your challenges; I serve as an objective 3rd party capable of asking powerful questions and questioning sometimes long-held assumptions; and I help you to identify and evaluate specific workable solutions and put them together into a workable plan.  In all cases, however, you make the decisions on what will work best for your life consistent with your values, your circumstances and your interests.

Engagements may last from a handful of sessions to an ongoing, recurring relationship depending on your needs, accomplishments and goals.