I am an Executive Coach focusing leadership development, effective team management and career navigation.  I am also a speaker, writer and teacher on these topics.  I look forward to working with you, or if you are doing research on behalf of your company, I look forward to working with your organization’s leaders and staff.

The following are common topics among my coaching clients:

  • Developing a compelling leadership presence

  • Creating collaborative leadership teams

  • Setting an inspirational, impactful persistent vision

  • Prioritizing with limited resources

  • Managing change

  • Building relationships and mentoring

  • Establishing healthy team cultures

  • Navigating careers

I typically work with people who are:

  • Are currently key leaders in their organizations and looking to perform to their greatest abilities;  

  • Looking to boost their career management skills, build momentum in their careers and get to the next level; or

  • At a cross-roads in their careers and need support in identifying how to best move forward.

My clients have included everyone from analysts to CEOs, CTOs and CFOs.  

I’m confident that I can help to achieve your ambitions because:

  • I’ve been in your shoes - or those of your staff - as a leader in companies large and small.  I understand your interests and challenges and your environment because I’ve been there.

  • I’ve had a pretty good career of my own.  Prior to starting my Executive Coaching practice, I was a Senior Director at Google where I managed several hundred staff and contractors.  In that role, I received Google’s “Great Manager Award”, an award given to less than 1% of all managers. Prior to Google, I held leadership roles at a range of different companies including Visa and various start-ups. 

  • I’ve coached many people in many stages of their careers in my role as a manager, as a volunteer in Google’s internal coaching program, and as an Executive Coach with my own practice.

  • I’ve received extensive training on topics ranging from career development, performance management, influencing, and navigating change.

I also enjoy teaching and speaking on career management and leadership development.  Indeed, I’ve taught several courses on leadership development and career management and navigation for Stanford’s Continuing Studies program. I’ve also spoken on these topics at conferences and at a number of companies including Paypal, Google and Expedia.

From the standpoint of education and credentials:

  • I received a BA in Economics and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley

  • I was certified as an Executive Coach by the Hudson Institute of Coaching.

  • I received a credential in Executive Coaching from the International Coaching Federation

  • I am on the Forbes Coaches Counsel

I am open, friendly, and easy to talk to and I really do want to help.  I coach via phone, via video conference and in person.  My clients are located all over the globe - from California to New York to Ireland to Australia to Dubai.

Please contact me to discuss if there might be a match between your interests and ambitions and what I can offer.